Leica Love

In the following week I will be going home to Knysna and fetching my newest purchase!

I put an ad in one of the local newspapers asking about any old film camera's that people 
might have lying around that the no longer wanted. To my surprise I got a call from a man 
living in Sedgefield saying that he had a Leica R6.2 that I could have. He told me to make him
 a ridiculous offer and then it was mine as it was just collecting dust and he wasn't making use of it. I took a chance and offered him R500 and now its all mine. 

I have no idea if its in working condition but either way I have gotten it at a fraction of the price and I can always have it fixed if there is something which needs repairing. Holding thumbs and cant wait for this week to be over so I can start shooting and see what comes of it.


  1. i am deeply envious of you..that is a steal

  2. i am still in shock myself. really got lucky